Recycling At Karrinyup

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Household hazardous waste can pose serious environmental and personal health risks if not disposed of properly.  In partnership with The City of Stirling we have a small unit located near Woolworths allowing customers to safely dispose of the following:

Battery Recycling
Batteries are a common form of household hazardous waste. They should never be put in your recycling or waste bin as they can cause fires in garbage trucks and waste facilities.  If recycled, 95% of the components of a battery can be turned into new batteries or used in other industries. Think of batteries as feedstock for new products

Ink Toner Recycling
There are around 1.5 billion printer cartridges sold each year around the world. As such, the social responsibility of ensuring these do not end up in landfill is real. Unfortunately, 70% (1 billion) of these cartridges are not ethically recycled. With composting times of anywhere between 400 to 1000 years, printer cartridges are not exactly mother nature's best friend.   Almost every aspect of your printer cartridges can be recycled into new products. 

Light Globes / Fluorescent Bulb Recycling
Currently around 95% of lamps containing mercury are dumped in landfill around Australia every year. They are the single largest mercury filled product, but thankfully they can be safely recycled to minimise the impact of mercury emissions.   For this reason alone, fluorescent lighting should not be disposed of in your household rubbish