Emily Gibson

The Beach Ball

The Beach Ball is a map of the buildings and laneways inside The West Deck. 

By incorporating the map inside the Beach Ball it allows the explorer the freedom to discover. Balls are constantly being chased into unknown territory without any thought. Maps are a form of controlled discovery. Join the two forces together and see what you discover.
The Ripple represents the ocean and waterways, the incredible Trigg Beach and lakes within the area. By placing the water into the form of bench seating, Gibson is asking each visitor to stop, contemplate their environment, breathe in the space and enjoy.

The Forest represents the Trigg Bushland - a place of exploration and contemplation. The colour on the poles symbolise the elements water, earth and nature, while leaving enough space for the air to flow freely between each pole. Through this sculpture, Gibson encourages imaginative play inside The Forest.
Gibson created this tree to represent the many parks and local community ovals within the area. A large, singular tree can often be a meeting or hang out point for family and kids. This tree is the pinpoint on the map, the place to gather and connect.
The Map is based on an aerial shot of Karrinyup and its surrounds. Showing Trigg Beach, the bushland and urbanisation immersed together.

Using shapes from this aerial shot and charts Gibson used for research, she was able to form an abstract map of Karrinyup and its neighbouring suburbs. The colour palette is rich, with bold, yet cooling colours, reminding us of the ocean, sand and bushland. The colours are important, used in conjunction with the curved flowing shapes, to invoke feelings of wonder and escapism, just like the natural world does for us.

It is from this map, and through the artist’s exploration with the Karrinyup area, all the sculptures in The West Deck evolved, and were brought to life in 3D form.


Emily Gibson is a mixed-media visual artist from Perth, Australia. Her work is widely acclaimed for its bright, fun, and colourful aesthetic with inspiration from women, the natural world and a heavy focus on colour and form. Emily rejoices any moment that allows her to further explore female beauty and empowerment, often incorporating fluid shapes and bold colors indicative of the female form and spirit.

She specialises in a range of mediums including sculpture, jewellery, public art, painting, and furniture design. An artist of adventurous spirit, she strives to be a constant student of art, searching for bold new forms and methods of expression.