Emma Davies

Tracing Nature
Tracing Nature Artwork

A series of skeletal large leaves, handmade and sculpted to echo the local native vegetation, are suspended vertically and contour the ceiling of the thoroughfare.
This placement and the seemingly ephemeral presentation of each skeletal leaf provide a point of engagement and invite people to look up, ponder and wonder at the beauty and fragility of nature and perhaps consider how easy it is to take for granted.
Tracing Nature fuses nature with the built environment, softening the space and complementing the striking architecture. The skeletal forms allow the light to flow in and through the installation, creating shadows that reflect the forest floor of the local reserves.


Emma Davies is a Melbourne based artist with an established reputation for innovative and creative installations for both the and private commercial sector. Emma's work can be seen throughout Australia and overseas in commercial outlets, as part of large scale collaborations and complex commissions in high profile properties.

Emma likes to work with a broad range of Polypropylene packaging and netting. "My process of discovery and invention is largely experimental. I satisfy my curiosity by working with contemporary materials and using unconventional methods to challenge the possibilities of each creation."