Sean Van Der Poel

Amorphous by Sean Van Der Poel

In the creation ‘Amorphous’, Perth artist Sean van der Poel used the ocean as a primary inspiration, drawing out the intrinsic qualities which have fascinated and enchanted humans for thousands of years.

From the limitless colours and hues of saltwater, salt spray and beach sand to the rhythm of the waves crashing onto shore, the ocean permeates our lives at a deep and base level, regardless of age, background or socioeconomic status.

As a country, Australia has one of the longest coastlines in the world and as a result, over 85% of Australians live within 50km of the ocean. As a state, Western Australia has more coastline than any other state or territory and as a suburb, Karrinyup has one of the most sought-after beachside destinations on its doorstep, Trigg Beach. ‘Amorphous’ seeks to unpack and interrogate the integral connection West Australians have for the ocean, creating an artwork which speaks to viewers and audiences on an intuitive level, reflecting and enhancing their beachside identity.

‘Amorphous’ seeks to capture the essence and energy of the ocean and imbue it into The Loop, intrinsically connecting with viewers and audiences. Consisting of 960 smaller forms, ‘Amorphous’ is a collective movement of smaller particles working in harmony to create a dynamic and flowing whole.