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Only $9.90 special great value meal box. @ My Sataylicious. Level 1 Terrace Cafe.

🌟 Special Offer Alert! 🌟

Looking for a delicious and budget-friendly meal? We've got you covered! 🍽️ Introducing our mouthwatering Great Value Meal Box, available now for only $9.90! 💥

Here's why our Great Value Meal Box is a must-try:

• Nasi Lemak + Chicken Curry •
• Nasi Lemak + Chicken Sambal•
• Fried Rice + Percik Grilled Chicken •
• Fried Rice + Butter Chicken •
• Fried Rice + Teriyaki Chicken •
• Fried Rice + Thai Green Curry Chicken •
• Fried Bihun + Percik Grilled Chicken •
•Fried Noodle + Percik Grilled Chicken

🍽️ Generous Portions: This meal box is specially designed to keep you satisfied from the very first bite until the last. Each component is crafted to perfection, ensuring maximum enjoyment.

💰 Wallet-Friendly: Skip the financial strain without compromising on taste! At just $9.90, our Great Value Meal Box offers tremendous value, keeping your pockets happy and your tummy satisfied.

✨ Convenience: Busy schedule? No problem! Our meal box is ready to go whenever you are. Perfect for a quick lunch at the office or a hassle-free dinner at home – enjoy it wherever you want, whenever you want!

Don't miss out on this incredible special offer! Grab your Great Value Meal Box today.
Terms and conditions:
• Community Event
•School Event
• Sports Event
• Company Meal
• Special Event
• Function/Party
• Office Event

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